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Falah Farms + present

Urban Ag + Art all-day workshops

Urban Ag + Art all-day workshops was developed to give young scholars the opportunity to explore the wonders of growing food in urban art infused environments. With sustainable agriculture in mind,  apprentices will be able to value maintaining a balanced carbon-footprint along with making artistic growing zones. Local community and establishing a food-system is important and expression through arts gives society a way to connect and build unity.  Apprentices will be immersed in creative repurposed garden design, insects and pollination, native plants along with the opportunity to engage with local artists who create in the community.

Meet The Staff

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Khalifa Acker

Director & Ag instructor

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Darius “ Khalifa” Acker is a Agriculture Specialist, Educator and Founder of Falah Farms a family owned and operated “Rurban”  and Agriculture Services farm.  Khalifa has been farming since 2014 and has experience in small livestock and poultry. As a food advocate and teacher Khalifa’s mission is to build sustainable food systems to educate and service communities. Khalifa is involved in the local arts community and the resident garden artist at

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Dr Ashley Duxbury

Asst dir. & environment instructor

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Dr. Ashley Duxbury has a Doctorate in Entomology from UGA, and she is an environmental educator in the Fulton County School District. She has been teaching for 5 years in FCS and at UGA. Her favorite things to find in nature are insects, of course, and she loves to go hiking and kayaking.


DuBois & Paula Novelle

Heck's managers & art directors

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Paula Novelle Davis and DuBois #heckhound live on-site at and manage the day-to-day operations. Paula is the founder of She started in 2017 repurposing an old house into a small art venue, and continues to “art up” Heck. Paula is profoundly hard-of-hearing. She does not sign, but does read lips and wears hearing aids. She is not sensitive about her deafness and often jokes about it. Dubois has been with Paula since he was a puppy (11 years ago). Dubois considers himself Heck’s security dog and Paula’s hearing dog. He enjoys being petted and eating


tentative daily schedule: 
8:30-9:00am: arrival (COVID protocols- temp checks/mask)
9:00-10:00am: social circle & stretch 
10:00-11:00am: ag workshop
11:00-12:00pm: lunch break
12:00-1:00pm: environmental workshop
1:00-2:00pm: Heck beautification project 
2:00-3:30pm: special guest workshop
(local artists & gardeners)
3:30-4:00pm: reflections & dismissal  

Weekly themes
Week 1 June 21-25: Growing Up Heck- repurposed garden arts
Week 2 TBA: Build sustainable food system
Week 3 TBA: Native Plants & Regenerative Ag
Week 4 TBA: Pollinators/ Feeding Food
Week 5 TBA: Environmental Sustainability

Register today

Have questions? Email Paula

  • $200 per session/week (7 hours/daily 35 hours/weekly) 

  • Limited to 15 students

  • Early/late pickup is available upon request

  • Bring your own lunch.

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