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Layout of explained


Heck consists of versatile outside & inside areas:

  • Outdoor front room is so close to E Ponce de Leon Ave, ya can talk to the drivers sitting in traffic during rush hour. There is a front deck leading inside to a conference area. A gigantic oak tree provides plenty of shade. This area is ideal for attention and doing shout outs.

  • Outside Dining Room is along the side of the dead-end street, Milton. The yard is checkered with concrete squares and a long dining room table that is a repurposed bowling lane as tabletop and radiators as legs. (Benches are coming soon.) There is plenty of bright sun here. 

  • Inside Conference Room includes a full kitchen with stove and refrigerator along the back wall and an island bar that separates the conference area. The island houses a large sink and dishwasher. (The kitchen is currently in-progress to be customized with open shelves.) There is one large work table that can seat 6 people and an old typeset cabinet that can be used as a towering podium. This area has doors leading to the outside dining room and outside front room, making it convenient to prepare and serve food for large outdoor events.

  • Washroom is a mostly tiled room with a drain in the center of the room. The washroom functions as a wheelchair-friendly bathroom. In one corner there is a handheld shower to easily hose down large things, dogs, and people. A washer and dryer is in another corner. Washroom is designed to make it easy to clean up after doing messy artsy stuff. 

  • Quiet Room or Green/Guest room is a small room with a door that performers can use as a green room or artists can use as a break room to get some rest. There is a closet that can double as a makeup table area. Also, a bunk bed to store things and sleeping humans. 

  • Interior Side Porch is an enclosed long porch that acts as a storage space for art supplies, equipment, and furniture. Wheeled tables and shelves make it easy to rearrange Heck to fit the needs of your event. One end of the interior side porch is the foyer that opens to the conference area and outside dining room. The other end is the backdoor leading to the loading deck. 

  • Loading deck is a 10x10 foot deck that can double as a high stage, facing the driveway. 

  • Pavilion is an old carport structure next to the house. The pavilion is ideal for outside workshops. There is also a locked tool shed to store tools and supplies. 

  • Stage is located on the backside of the pavilion facing the lot. Ideal for bands and other performances.

  • Back Stage is between the pavilion and house behind the loading deck. This area is good for cleaning and keeping things out of sight of the main yard. 

  • Mulberry lot is an open lot located behind the house. It is surrounded by empty overgrown lots on two sides that provide privacy and act as a natural sound barrier while a tree line provides shade. 

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