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What the Heck is going on? 

Update (posted Aug 11, 2022)

Events postponed notice: 


Dekalb County Code Compliance Administration (code enforcement) insists that we refrain from having events until we complete the application process of obtaining a business license and meet code compliance requirements  from Dekalb C county. Heck.house is located at 3498 E Ponce de Leon Ave, Scottdale, GA in a R-75 zone with a Tier 1 overlay, which allows for commercial use, including events. We are on the edge of a residential area next to an auto shop and Family Dollar with the train tracks across the street. 


Because the attendance at most of our events only average 20-40 people, we attempted to find out  if we could have private events as a private residence and be in compliance. Last night (June 29th) via emails, the Deputy Director of DeKalb County Code Compliance basically gave us a hard no. 


We are flooded with event requests from various artists and organizations and receive overwhelming support and involvement from our neighbors. One factor to why Heck.house gets so many requests has to do with the challenges of COVID. People feel safer with small, outdoor gatherings. 


Our understanding is that there is a neighbor that has never contacted Heck.house directly, but has made several complaints to Commissioner Steve Bradshaw’s office. Heck.house aspires to fulfill its mission to serve the needs of the community, and respect the community it is in. When we have directly received a few complaints over the three years about noise and parking, we’ve responded immediately to address those concerns. In consideration of our neighbors, we wanted to let you know that we have set the following policies:

  • To stop amplified sound before 10 p.m. every night (11 p.m. cut off is required by County ordinance)

  • To turn down the volume immediately when a complaint is made

  • To only allow parking on one side of Milton Street and to NOT block driveways

  • To cap maximum attendance at 100 people (average attendance is 20-40 people)

  • To allow a maximum of 8 events a month, of which only 4 will be concerts (we started this policy 6+ months ago in response to numerous requests for concerts)


We are unsure when we will complete the process to get all the required licenses & permits. Until then, we will refrain from having events until we have them in place. We hope this problem can be resolved soon, and we will keep you posted. We are heartbroken to have to postpone the upcoming events and sorry about the inconvenience. We know these artists put a lot of time and effort into preparing for these events. 


In the meantime, we plan to be active with repurposed art projects to “art up” Heck.house  and stay active building our artistic community. 

tl;dr (too long; didn’t read): We’re having to postpone all events until we get the go-ahead from the Dekalb County government.

Please email Paula at fatdeaf1@heck.house for any questions or concerns. 

On August 9th, a Zoom meeting with various Dekalb County staff confirmed that Heck.house needs to re-apply to change the usage of the property from residential to commercial, and we need professional guidance. We are located in Scottdale Overlay tier 1. We are seeking to hire a professional designer, an architect or similar that is familiar with commercial codes in Dekalb County. We will need a site plan for the application that includes drawing up plans for our proposed Pavilion expansion project. Please send recommendations to us. 

Email Paula at fatdeaf1@heck.house

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