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WTH is this?

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what the heck is

Think art. Think workshops. Think performances, pop-up events, intimate speaking engagements, photo shoots, networking events, art shows. is the interactive and modular space that works with you to get you the exposure you need. Whatever the heck your eclectic mind can think of, Heck House can help you do it.


All we need to know is what you want to create.


What we can offer right now:

Indoor space for small classes.

Outdoor space for workshops.

Indoor and outdoor space for parties, photo shoots, exhibitions, networking events, art shows, experimental performances, pop-up sale events, and more!

What the Heck is our mission?

Listen, we know that being an artist is a labor of love. We know that it usually costs more than one may earn at any given time. We also know that finding affordable spaces to exhibit, create, perform, or sell can be a daunting endeavor. Marketing is an unavoidable monster that is a part of the current artist’s journey. wants to be a resource for artists making that journey.  

Our ultimate mission is to help local artists grow their audience and brand. 

How, you ask? To put it simply, by amplifying your work in our local community through hosting low-cost events, advertising, and networking.  


We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit since February 2021

Wanna donate? 

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