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an upcycled art auction

Oct 16th 5-8pm and Trash Talk ATL present re:Heck.

Local artists were selected to upcycle wooden cable spools that were saved from the landfill. These reimagined spools will be auctioned off on October 16, 2021. 70% of the proceeds will go to the artists, and 30% goes to 

Where the Heck did these spools come from?

A nearby warehouse was manufacturing foam footballs in the back and used customized wooden wire spools in their production process. These spools were cut to be shaped more rectangular, and wheels were added. The warehouse was sold and needed to be emptied. Some of these spools were donated to instead of being taken to the landfill. Trash Talk ATL joined to develop this re:Heck project. 

warehouse origin
warehouse spools
spools at Heck
Tess claims the spools
Auction at 6pm 

15 spools by different artists to be auctioned off.

70% to the artist, and 30% to

Auctioneer: Everette Beach


Everette Beach is well known as the auctioneer for charity auctions along the east coast. His start in the role of auctioneer was almost by accident. He was attending an auction and the auctioneer didn’t show up.  The staff recognized him as someone who attended many of their auctions and asked him if he could fill in, and there it began. Over 25 years later, he has been auctioneering for events with as many as 85,000 attendees.  To quote Everette: “I’m not a professional auctioneer. I do this for the enjoyment it gives me helping out good charities.” In his more mundane life, he is Information Technologies Director for a corporate credit union providing financial solutions for Credit Unions all over the US.

#reheckspools in progress on Instagram. 
Raffle Tickets too! 

Tickets Prizes
DJ Growley

“Growl-ee, not Grow-lee, is a trance, house, and techno DJ living in Atlanta. With 10 years of DJing under his belt and experiences from all over the world, he seeks to make his listeners as passionate about his sounds as he is.”

Blackfoot Daisy 7pm


The band is a humble trio (sometimes duo) that plays original, Americana style music. We are based in the Atlanta metro area. We are a little haunted by the prairie, the wind, the shifting of tall grasses, the sound of crickets, and a lonesome train whistle drifting through the night.


Meet The Artists of the re:Heck spools!

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