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3rd annual 

Last Minute Krampus

Photos with Krampus downloads

Double-clicking on folder icon will take you to the Google drive folder of that day. 

Dec 17th

Dec 18th

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240 Dekalb Industrial Way, Decatur, GA 30033
Less than 2 miles from

December 17th & 18th, 2022 
10 am - 5pm 

The weekend before Xmas

  • Photos with Krampus and live goats
  • Heck's Gift Shop of local-only artists and makers

Are you too naughty for Santa? What about Krampus?

Krampus  this year is Jim Stacy. 
 Krampus hours are 1 to 4pm on both days.


Jim is an Emmy award winning Fabricator, TV Host, Illustrator, Performer and Movie Monster.  He loves the holidays as long as it’s kept traditional (like before electricity and running water traditional). He also thinks Christmas music should start in June (just to be a jerk). 

Instagram: @woodlandgiant    fb page: Jim Stacy


Photos with Krampus & goats




goat 2.png
goat 1.png

Red Wagon Goats is a company made up of fun-loving (but hard-working) goats and the humans that love them. They want to offer a sustainable and rewarding approach to clearing overgrown landscapes. Their promise is to provide excellent care to their goats; quality service and affordable solutions to their community; to do their part in leaving a healthy environment for future generations to inherit; and to be good stewards of our planet. They also offer goat yoga, snuggle therapy and petting zoos.

Instagram: @redwagon_goats  fb page: Red Wagon Goats

Goats  this year is Red Wagon Goats.

rwg logo transparent (2).png

Photographer  this year is Brook Hewitt of Rose Riot Photography.


Rose Riot photography has a rich, long history of photographing events and performers as well as children and families. When not behind the camera, you can find Brook teaching photography education to kids through the school system and her program called Camera Class, Photography for Kids. 

Instagram: @roseriotphotography    fb page: Rose Riot Photography


You are welcome to use your own device to take pictures. Free: Donations are welcome. 

You can sign up for a photo shoot between 1 and 4pm both days. 

  • Price $30 (pay in-person) for 4 digital copies. $10 additional for an onsite printed copy. 25% of the proceeds go to, and 75% to Jacob Ruppert's Pancreatic Cancer fund. 

  • 10-minute appointment slots

  • Fur-children are welcome. 


prehistoric holiday logo transparent.png
From noon to 1pm on both days, Blue of Prehistoric Nation will stop by lunch. 

Heck's Gift Shop

Have you been naughty and late buying Xmas gifts? Have no fear. We've got you covered. A consignment fundraiser of handmade gifts by local-only artists, crafters, and makers. The shop will be set up in Waller's Outerspace. There are over 20 artists, giving you a wide variety. All items are under $100. 40% go to, and 60% will go to the artists. What a perfect way to support local artists and do your last minute Xmas shopping!

Gallery of artists/makers:

Pleasant Hugh Studio (Simone Wilson)
HAW metalsmith
May's Monsters
Waffle B Hopper Cast iron Lamps and Art
Bead Karma
Happy Cup Studio
Athari Candle
Liminal Ceramics
Sedangogh Studios
Iridescent Laboratory
Erica Frances Art
Chain Link Wench
Saturn says art!
Discarded Dopamine
Lexicon of Love Music Art
cwh krampus
Lachrymatorri Eclectica
Tool Shed Baby
Farmers Jam
Chemical Village
Peeper's Puppets
Meg Has Issues
lolly loves u!
InJest Puppets
I'll be seeing you...
Erin Dohony
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