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A digital version of Kolor Me Krampus, a Krampus-themed coloring book by 21 local artists. After purchase, you will receive an email with a link to download a printable PDF file that will last for 30 days. 

Illustrations by: 

  • Aeric Adams
  • Amy Durant
  • Artetak
  • Cards by Kake
  • Charlotte Condie
  • Claire Was Here
  • ClawsUpAtl
  • CornheadMuffinbrain
  • InJest Puppets
  • Kennedy Davis
  • Kim Karelson
  • May’s Monsters
  • Michael Orr
  • Spot Colors
  • Preston Woodruff
  • Rabbit Trodglen
  • Randy Lee Dickerson
  • Runedog Art
  • SorielTheFolf
  • Stephen Sweny
  • Susan A. Cipcic

Printed in December 2023. All proceeds go to

Kolor Me Krampus: a digital coloring book

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