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Your new fav hangin' sculpture is in bloom. This'll surely add a subtle edge wherever ya put it, makin' all your guests do a double-take to fully enjoy its wickedness.


metal, styrofoam 

14" max h, 11" max w

Arol Stitch 



You can see Arol Stitch’s work all over from the beautiful HECK pavilion to the flower-firework lookin’ railing to several lighting pieces inside the house. She has creative talents all over the map with a BFA in Fashion Design, a cosmetology license, and insane metal fabrication skills. Through these distinct specializations, she has become a master of precision, angles, and curves. Arol has been working with metal for 2.5 years, and her work is a unique, playful combination of all her creative skills


Find where else to shop Arol's work on our Artists Online page.


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